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Sheri Jentsch
Sheri Jentsch- Design Program Presenter at the June 12th Meeting

 June 2018

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AFH Quick Calendar of Events

 Jun 12

 End of year meeting / Voting in new Board for 2019

 Jun 14

 Flag Day

 Jun 17

 Father's Day

 Jun 21

 First Day of Summer

 Jun 30-Jul 4

 AIFD Symposium in Washingon DC

 Jul 14-15

 Texas Floral Forum – South Shore Harbor Resort and Conference
 Center, League City, Texas

 Sept 9

 Grandparent's Day

 Sept 23

 First Day of Autumn

 Oct 3

 Texas Floral Showcase “West Texas Region” McKensie-Merket
  Alumni Center, Lubbock, TX

 Nov 4th

 Daylight savings time ends

 Nov 11

 Veterans Day

 Nov 22


  New Website for AFH

AFH has recently switched to a new website with a new format. You'll see members highlighted on the home page, see the list of the current members, buy event tickets and more. The site has member management software embedded in it to help AFH with better mananging events and membership dues.

On the first of July, you will receive an email regarding renewal of your dues which will be automatically generated from the website! Every member is encouraged to create an account by logging in with your email address and creating a password. In the future you will need to log in to get the reduced Member Ticket prices for events. If we don't have an email on file for you, someone will be in touch to get one from you.

We believe the new site will make it easier to move forward and keep AFH current on the web!

2018-2019 Board of Directors

President (1yr left in term)
Alan Masters AIFD
Lewis Career & Technical High School
Houston, TX

Vice President (1yr left in term)
Alex Torres AIFD
Houston, TX

  Wholesale Director (2 yr term)
Rob Spikol- Company Rep
Greenleaf Wholesale Florist
Houston, TX

Wholesale Director (2 yr term)
Nora Cisneros TMFA- Company Rep
Mayesh Wholesale
Houston, TX

Second Vice President (2 yr. term)
Maggie Bailey
Bramble and Bee School
Tomball, TX

General Membership Director (2 yr term)
Michael McCarthy AIFD
Blooming Idea
Houston, TX
Retail Director (2 yr term)
Kim Jones AIFD
The Blooming Idea
The Woodlands, TX

Retail Director (1yr left in term)
Lana King TMFA
Blooms from the Heart
Cypress, TX
Employee Director (1 yr. left in term)
Vivianna Valverde
HEB Blooms
Houston, TX

Retail Director (1 yr. left in term)
Briana Owens
G Johnsons Floral Images
Houston, TX

Retail Director (1 yr. left in term)
Ace Berry
Fulshear Flowers
Fulshear, TX

Message from the President

Greetings to my Floral Family, 

As I reflect back over the past year I am moved emotionally on several different levels. There have been so many things take place in our 2017-2018 year both good and bad that one cannot help but become almost overwhelmed with feelings. From Harvey to the snows of this winter in our weather, to the loss of several good friends in our industry, to the Astro’s winning the World Championship and crowning a new Houston Cup winner, the year has been packed with sometimes life altering events. Through it all there has been a family that has stood strong, sometimes dysfunctional, but still strong. I am so blessed to be a part of the Allied family with each and every one of you. We are so lucky to have our second family to turn to when things get tough. After Harvey, we turned to each other, in the midst of so much devastation, we were able to sit down and enjoy some time together with good food and a fabulous design program. We were able to just be there for each other in a time of need and have some fun together and for a little while forget about the worries of our everyday life. When we lost dear friends in the industry, we came together and celebrated a life well lived, filled with passion for flowers and a love for the people who, like us have chosen this calling as their way in life. #weareallied has risen from amongst us (thank you Alex Torres) to become a mantra that we use to prod us ever onward in this quest for more knowledge and education.  

As I thought about Allied, some thoughts came to mind that I think may help some of you who have questions about who we are and what we do. Here are some of those thoughts that may help.

A-     is for available; The members of AFH are always at the ready to volunteer and help where ever needed. No matter what the need, floral or otherwise, we can always count on the members of this great organization to step in and take care of any needs that may arise

L-     is for Love; Love for each other. I said earlier that it is a family that we belong to and it won’t take you long to be around the group to realize that we are just like a great big family. Good and bad, you get it all, but all the while love shines through.

L-     is for Love; Love for our industry. We all have a common goal and that is to see the floral industry grow and become stronger and more powerful than ever before. This drives us to provide a place that we all can go for advice, emotional and intellectual nourishment and more.

I-     is for Investment; It is in the archived journals of Allied, that we find the wisdom, knowledge, truth and even mistakes that past generations have imparted. It is also in the journals that are now being written that we get the opportunity to invest in the future of floristry in the Houston area. Let us not forget the weight of that responsibility as we press forward.

E-     is for Education; The foundation upon which Allied was built is education. We exist to provide quality, exciting programs that are current and up to date with the trends of the time. To offer a place of learning to those in our field whether it is the new comer who is seeing a design made for the first time or the seasoned mature professional who is looking for a new way, we are here for them to grasp ahold of something that will inspire them and propel them into the future with fire and passion for our field.

D-     is for determination; We have resolved with the tenacity of a bulldog and the determination of an army of millions that we will succeed. WE are etermined that Allied will be here for years to come to provide for future florists everything that we have been afforded throughout our time here in Houston and with Allied Florists of Houston.

Hope to see you all soon. Be blessed and as I always say, Keep bloomin, go out and make something beautiful today.  

Alan Masters AIFD, CFD

  Scholarship Information

Were you aware that Allied florists of Houston offers three scholarships to their membership towards educational expenses? The Scholarship applications can be found at Texas State Floral Association.



Members first consideration. If there are no AFH Member applicants then the scholarship goes to the next qualified applicant. Don't let that money slip away, we want these scholarships to benefit our members. The deadline is quickly approaching.

Become a Member of Allied Florists of Houston

To see all the benefits that membership provides go to the About Us page.

Dues can be paid online and fax your completed application to 281-360-1035 OR
Mail your check and completed application to:
Allied Florists of Houston
c/o: Taylor Wholesale
1601 W. 21st
Houston, TX 77008

Retail Membership Qualifications 
Retail shops actively engaged in the full time sale of flowers, plants, and related items and located within 100 miles of Houston qualify for this classification. 
The locations shall be clearly identified by an outside florist sign; shall have a separate sales area; a floral display refrigerator; and shall have a delivery vehicle.
At the time of application for membership, the retail shop shall have been engaged in the florist business for at least six months; have a commercial telephone listing; have a full time designer on duty at all times; and belong to at least one wire service.
~ Annual dues are $150 billed each July
~ Includes Voting Privileges
Download the Retail Membership Application.

Wholesale / Grower Membership Qualifications
Individuals, wholesalers or wholesale-grower firms who are actively engaged in the production and/or distribution of cut flowers and/or plants and/or related items and located within 100 miles of Houston qualify for this classification.
~Annual dues are $150 billed each July
~ Includes Voting Privileges
Download the Wholesale/Grower Membership Application.

Associate Membership Qualifications
Associate Members shall be firms or individuals engaged in wholesale or floral related businesses not qualifying for retail member classification.
~Annual dues are $150 billed each July
~ Includes Voting Privileges
Download the Associate Membership Application.

General Membership Qualifications
General Members shall be individuals employed within the floral industry or students or instructors of floriculture, landscape gardening, landscape architecture, or ornamental horticulture. 
~Annual dues are $50 billed each July
~ NO Voting Privileges.
Download the General Membership Application.

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