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Sheri Jentsch

 July 2018

AFH Quick Calendar of Events

 Jun 30-Jul 4

 AIFD Symposium in Washingon DC

 Jul 14-15

 Texas Floral Forum – South Shore Harbor Resort and Conference
 Center, League City, Texas

 Jul 15

 National Ice Cream Day

 Jul 24

 National Tequila Day

 Jul 30

 International Friendship Day

 Sep 9

 Grandparent's Day

 Sep 23

 First Day of Autumn

 Oct 3

 Texas Floral Showcase “West Texas Region” McKensie-Merket
  Alumni Center, Lubbock, TX

 Nov 4th

 Daylight savings time ends

 Nov 11

 Veterans Day

 Nov 22


2018-2019 Board of Directors

Alan Masters AIFD
Lewis Career & Technical High School
Houston, TX
First Vice President
Alex Torres AIFD
Houston, TX

Second Vice President
Maggie Bailey
Bramble and Bee School
Tomball, TX

Past President
Nicola Parker AIFD, CFD, TMFA
Towne Flowers
Spring, TX

Retail Director (2 yr term)
Kim Jones AIFD
The Blooming Idea
The Woodlands, TX
Retail Director (2 yr term)
Lana King TMFA
Blooms from the Heart
Cypress, TX

Retail Director (2 yr term)
Briana Owens
G Johnsons Floral Images
Houston, TX
Retail Director (2 yr term)
Ace Berry
Fulshear Flowers
Fulshear, TX

Wholesale Director (2 yr term)
Rob Spikol
Greenleaf Wholesale Florist
Houston, TX
Wholesale Director (2 yr term)
Nora Cisneros TMFA
Mayesh Wholesale
Houston, TX

Employee Director (2 yr term)
Vivianna Valverde
HEB Blooms
Houston, TX
General Membership Director
Michael McCarthy AIFD
The Blooming Idea
The Woodlands, TX

Debbie Lyon
Kroger Floral Department
Houston, TX
Keith Taylor
Taylor Wholesale
Houston, TX

Robin Martinez AAF. TMFA
Flowers of Kingwood
Kingwood, TX

AFH Board 2018-2019

  Meet the new 2nd Vice President

Magie Bailey owner of Bramble & Bee

Maggie Bailey opened Bramble & Bee as a wedding and event design studio in early 2014 and expanded into a retail shop based in Tomball, TX in August of 2017. Her husband joined her full time as operations manager (though he wears many other hats!) this year and business just continues to bloom! The shop specializes in hand-tied european style bouquets wrapped in brown paper and her wedding designs lean toward loose, organic, garden style arrangements and color palates. Maggie has a passion for teaching and also offers workshops for beginers and hobbyists as well as 1:1 instruction for aspiring designers.She is thrilled to join the Allied Team and can't wait to see where this year leads us and our industry!

Maggie Bailey

  AFH Scholarship Winners

Kelly Scroggins
Kelly Scroggins - Winner of AFH Scholar-
ship in memoryof Wayne and Mabel Fisher

Melanie Hugle
Melanie Hugle - Winner of AFH Scholar-
ship honoring Sheri Montgomery White

Nicola Parker
Nicola Parker AIFD - Winner AFH
Scholarship in memory of Lavon Bankhead

  End of the Year Meeting by Alex Torres AIFD CD TMF

On Tuesday June 12, 2018, the Allied Florists of Houston held their Annual year end meeting at Spaghetti Western Restaurant. Traditionally the year end meeting is a chance to mingle and network with fellow Allied members, as well as hold elections for the board positions for the 2018-2019 session. It is also an opportunity to reflect on the activities and accomplishments of our Beloved Allied, and to celebrate and honor our leadership by President Alan Masters AIFD CFD.

The evening usually consists of a few cocktails, an amazing dinner and then the election and installation of the board. This evening was no exception except for the addition of a fabulous design program by the very talented Former Houston Cup and Texas Cup winner Sheri Jenscht AIFD CFD TMF.

Sheri Jenscht AIFD CFD TMFSheri is a freelance floral artist who is based in New Braunfels, Texas. She is the owner and creative director at Sheri J Floral design. Sheri was owner and a designer at Blumen Meister in New Braunfels from 1999 to 2017. She is a certified Texas Master Florist and was proudly inducted into the American Institute of Floral Design in 2017. Sheri won the Houston Cup in 2014 and that same year went on to win the coveted Texas Cup. Sheri’s design style is decidedly artistic with a European flair. Her expertise is sought after for event work, design workshops and programs all over the state of Texas and beyond. Her work is elaborate, textural, stylish and easily recognizable as her own. She has been influenced by the Masters of our time but her work remains uniquely hers.

Sheri is soft spoken, incredibly humble and totally unassuming and a sheer joy to be around. Her designs run the gamut from simple and elegant to engagingly complex and over the top. She is truly a designer’s designer and AFH was blessed to have her.

The day before her program, her father was rushed to the ER and went into emergency surgery. Sheri made sure everything was ok with him and then made the trip to Houston to honor her commitment with Allied. She is the epitome of a true professional and we were so thrilled to be able to witness her program despite all the obstacles that sprung up that day.

The evening began with cocktails and mingling. Members enjoyed a delicious dinner of pasta in red meat sauce, penne alfredo, salad and breadsticks. The room was buzzing with members meeting new faces and reconnecting with each other. Everyone discussed the economy, the state of our industry and family as well as triumphs and tribulations in our lives.

The members voted and the new Allied Board of Directors for 2018-2019 is as follows:
President: Alan Masters AIFD CFD TMF
Past President: Nicola Parker AIFD CFD TMFA
1st Vice President: Alex Torres AIFD CFD TMF
2nd Vice President: Maggie Bailey, Bramble and Bee
Treasurer: Keith Taylor, Taylor Wholesale
Retail Director: Kim Jones, The Blooming Idea
Retail Director: Lana King, Blooms from the Heart
Retail Director: Briana Owens
Retail Director: Ace Berry, Fulshear Flowers
Wholesale Director: Nora Cisneros, Mayesh Wholesale
Wholesale Director: Rob Spikol Greenleaf Wholesale
Parlimentarian: Robin Martinez, Flowers of Kingwood
Employee Director: Vivianna Valverde
General Membership Director : Michael McCarthy AIFD CFD

Congratulations to our 2018-2019 Board of directors. We are looking forward to an amazing year!! The board posed for pictures and recognition and then Alan Masters introduced our guest designer Sheri Jenscht AIFD CFD TMF.

Sheri showed a beautiful array of designs that showcased her beautiful artistic aesthetic. Her designs were gorgeously composed and flawlessly executed. She showed many useful tips and techniques as well. I love when a presenter not only shows designs, but explains how they were constructed. Mechanics are an integral part of a design and must be executed perfectly. This separates a florist from a designer.

Sheri design 1One of the crowd favorite designs featured birch logs impaled onto a wooden base. The logs had been hollowed at the top to conceal large water tubes. Sheri placed gorgeous buttercream tree peonies to top the poles and added pepper berry foliage cascading down for rhythm and movement. Honeysuckle vines swirled gracefully throughout the design and gave plenty of visual impact. to the bottom left, a strong focal point was created with a tight cluster of tree peonies, yarrow and pepper berry foliages.

Another design featured a wooden piece mounted onto a metal pipe suspended on a black wooden circular base. Here the florals incuded slices of wood, roses, berries and assorted foliages in undulating waves of texture and color.

A great free form design featured Cholla wood with Midollino pushed through its openings and used as a transitional element to connect a complementary piece of cholla wood which was studded with magnificent gloriosa lilies and muscari (grape hyacinth).

Most of Sheri’s designs were accompanied by a beautiful story or sentimental meaning and the audience was truly touched by this. It is always such a pleasure to understand a designer’s intent or inspiration for a piece . It humanizes the experience and evokes feelings in our work. It is also a great way to incorporate meaning into work especially our event or sympathy pieces.

floral designAnother design featured a container embellished with “roots” made of dried material bound to form lengths which were then fashioned into a pattern of placements to resemble roots such as the ones seen on large cypress trees. They are referred to as “knees” and they elevated this design to true art. The florals were gorgeous garden roses, bridal blush protea, clematis, burgundy scabiosa and tree peonies accented with plumose.

One striking design featured an armature composed of a sheet of perforated metal that was curved into a wave shape and mounted on a wood rectangle with rebar. The florals were placed in glass water tubes and included pincushion protea, yarrow, and a graceful sheltering of a deciduous vine.

Sheri Jenscht AIFD CFD TMF
Sheri showed some magnificent work, but my favorite piece of the evening was a vertical Tapestry styled piece that was skillfully composed of woven wire. The wire work on this frame was astounding and showed Sheri’s mastery of wire weaving and manipulation. The florals were attached using glass water tubes and they consisted of peonies, clematis, watermelon caladium and blushing bride protea. Sheri told the audience that this piece was inspired by two desigers that she admired. One was Alann Masters AIFD CFD and the other was yours truly Alex Torres AIFD CFD TMF. To say I was moved and flattered would be a gross understatement. Thank you Sheri. You are truly kind and generous and I admire you immensely.

A true standout was her magnificent tribute to her brother who passed away in 2016. It was a large tall structure made from 2 pieces of rebar upon which an armature of branches was placed. Orbs of dried material were hung on the armature and each was adorned with an upside down cascade of roses, tulips, Saracina lilies and pepper berry foliage. The piece was a beautiful remembrance of her brother and the impact he had on her life. It was proof positive that flowers can speak volumes in situations where words fail us. Sheri is definitely fluent in the language of flowers. This design spoke to us all in a poignantly touching manner and inspired all of us.

Thank you Sheri for sharing your amazing designs and talent with us. We loved your beautiful work. Thank you to the board of directors and the volunteers and everyone who makes these programs possible. But most of all thank you to the attendees without whom there would be no Allied. We will see you next season. We have such sights to show you.

Questions, comments, hate mail?? I love it all!!

  Memorial Day Flowers 2018 by Nicola Parker AIFD, CFD, TMFA

I have had the great honor of coordinating the Houston National Cemetery Memorial Day Flowers program since 2012 when it was still called Memorial Day Florists. It all began when I received a call one day from the Founder Ramiro Peneherra while working at G. Johnsons Floral Images in the Med Center. He was asking if we would be interested in helping to distribute roses for the visitors of Houston National Cemetery on Memorial Day. He said he would send us 300 roses for free and all we had to do was hand them to the visitors. Who wouldn’t want to do that so it was a “Yes” of course…

Little did I know that my annual visit on Memorial Day to New Braunsfels would forever be changed. My husband, Tim Parker and I were so greatly moved by the experience that we decided to make it an annual tradition and since then people expect us to be there and they have actually turned into family of sort.

My Father was never honored for his service to our country because he served during the Vietnam era where there was no respect or honor given to our soldiers returning from war so my brother in law John Hill came up with a great idea to honor him with all of his medals and a flag set into a beautiful shadow box and a plan was formed for the entire family to meet up in Nevada to honor our dad. He was truly moved by the gesture from his kids knowing that we cared and we are proud of his service to our country. Little did we know that it would be the last time we were all together. He passed away just two years later in 2015. He is the driving force behind why I do it. He was a twice retired proud member of the United States Air Force and he was so very proud of the work we were doing here in Houston but he had never went to the cemetery or services in Nevada because of the memories and he just didn’t want them to come flooding back. But because of the knowledge that he knew people cared and were actually thankful and proud of him he finally visited the Vietnam Veterans Memorial wall when it was displayed on a trip through Reno Nevada and actually ventured into that cemetery where all those memories laid. He and his wife were moved to donate to the laying of the flags there. From that first phone call from Ramiro I decided while he was still alive that I would show my respect to him and his comrades and he would know that people cared and appreciated his sacrifices to our country especially me, I think we did that.

His funeral service was actually on Memorial day weekend in 2015 so my siblings and I decided that we would do Memorial Day Flowers in Sacramento Valley Cemetery where he is laid to rest AND in Houston. It was no easy task but with the help of my awesome neighbor Courtney Verseles who took over here in Houston in order for me to be able to go to Sacramento we pulled off 3000 roses in Houston and 3000 roses in Sacramento and from that day on Courtney and I have Co-Coordinated here in Houston and were a pretty good team if I say so myself.

My fabulous family in California, Philip Whitmore, Deanna Carpenter and Erin Hill has taken over Memorial Day Flowers in Sacramento and they see that the tradition we started when laying my dad to rest will continue for years to come.

But absolutely NONE of this would have happened if it wasn’t for the support from our community. All of the donations are made from personal friends of mine or their friends. Every single rose is donated by a local Houstonian or a Texan or someone who has a loved one buried in the cemetery but mostly from our local people such as Allied Florists of Houston, the wonderful ladies of SAFD, and many more…….. a couple of people who really came through for me this year is Ken Senter and Erin Esensee of HEB San Antonio who matched each others donation in order for me to secure the funds for 6,700 roses that were sent from Memorial Day Flowers Foundation, I was absolutely blown away by their generosity and it literally brought me to tears. The generosity of Texans never ceases to amaze me. I didn’t think I would be able to get the funds this year especially with Hurricane Harvey and considering all that our community has gone through, but WE did it! I even got a donation from a family that still is not in their home, but they donated anyway. Barbara and Blowout Morrow you two are amazing individuals! There are so many people that donate their time and money every year too many to mention but please know I appreciate and love each one of you.

donors to Mememorial day flowers

But it didn’t stop there; I can’t even put into words what our local Wholesalers mean to me. They have been a part of this program from the beginning and some of them actually have loved ones buried at our cemetery. I can always count on them to donate fresh flowers for the weekend and they are very generous. This year was no different I am tearing up just thinking of them and how much I appreciate all that they do for this program.

Susan Weatherford with Southern Floral was an intrical part of my being able to take this program to Sacramento with her contacts in California and though Rio Roses were the key to getting it done. They also are still involved and helping my family every year.

Keith Taylor owner of Taylor Wholesale has been there from the start supporting and contributing and opening his business to me at the wee hrs of the morning to be able to store the flowers until Memorial Day morning and even securing the flowers for us in the beginning, not to mention the floral donations and the shipping he absorbed for us. Thank you so much Keith.

Wil Guzman and Pikes Peak of Texas has always been a huge supporter and made sure I had plenty of roses to distribute every year. When I call to see if he will be donating any particular year he says “Don’t I Always “YES SIR!!!! I’ll put you down he cracks me up. Thank you Wil, you are so cool.

Rob Spikol is amazing and sees that Greenleaf wholesale is well represented in their donation by this year donating a staggering 3000 roses. I could not believe it. I had to call in the troops in order to get them processed. I was floored at his generosity.

Mayesh Wholesale is a nation wide sponsor and they help in many ways across the country in support of Memorial Day Flowers as a national sponsor. When they moved to Houston Ramiro wanted to form a friendship with them which they gladly supported and they have been able to secure the roses and cover the shipping from Florida the last two years and store them, which they then deliver to me free of charge until I am able to get them in a cooler myself. They also donated a large amount of roses which they didn’t have to do, but they still did and I can’t thank them enough. I am so happy to know Peter Sessler and continue this friendship with him for years to come. He also was able to go to the cemetery this year and see for himself what it’s all about. Now he has an up close and personal understanding of why it’s so important to me.

All in all our local Wholesale florists donated a staggering 5800 roses for a grand total of 12,500 roses distributed to our hero’s and their families on Memorial Day 2018.

Memorial Day Flowers

See more Pictures from Mememorial Day and the End of Year meeting by clicking on the picture above.

Message from the President

Greetings to my Floral Family, 

Wow, summer is flying by so quickly. July is here and we are all busy as ever I hope. I know many of us are returning from Washington DC from National Symposium and others are preparing for the Texas State Forum this month. I am excited that we, collectively as allied, have been asked to do the lobby flowers at South Shore Harbor. This is a great opportunity for the Allied name to be placed in the forefront of the minds of those attending the forum this year.  

I am very excited to announce that, for those who were not at the end of year meeting, we have a completely full board this year. There are some new, young, talented people that are coming aboard to help provide direction and freshness to our activities over the next year. I want to encourage each of you that read this to let us know if there are things that you would like to see changed or added. We will consider your thoughts and discuss them seriously with the board and hopefully make things better as we continue to grow. We are quickly approaching our 50th anniversary as AFH and I am looking forward to a grand celebration fit for that occasion. We are here for you and because of you we are able to do what we do. You are important to everything that Allied stands for and does and we want you to know that we take our responsibilities very seriously.

Thank you so much for a great year in 2017-18 and I am so excited for what 2018-19 has for us as well. We are working hard to provide some awesome design programs and, due to requests, we are looking for some business programs as well. My hope is that each one of you will make an effort to be at every program over the next year and support AFH as we progress forward. I also want to let those who were not present at the June meeting know that we will be having a quick meeting at our September program to provide you with all of the financial information and minutes for your approval. There have been some bylaw changes that were voted on at the meeting and the vote passed, so you will be able to see those changes on the website. Finally, registration is always on line now and you can preregister securely for every program. We ask that you do so to help us be more responsible with our monies, so we are not ordering more food than is necessary. If we have a preregistration number going in we can order appropriately. You all have been so helpful in the past with this and now it is even easier than before. Thanks again for a great year, and as always, keep bloomin and go out and make something beautiful today. 

Alan Masters AIFD, CFD
President Allied Florist of Houston

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