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 April 2018

AFH Quick Calendar of Events

 Apr 10

 Houston Cup Competition - "Houston IS" at Pikes Peak of TX

 Apr 11

 Texas Floral Showcase “Metroplex Region” City Club Fort Worth, TX

 May 13

 Mother's Day

 May 28

 Memorial Day

 Jun 12

 End of year meeting / Voting in new Board for 2019

 Jun 14

 Flag Day

 Jun 17

 Father's Day

 Jun 21

 Firsr Day of Summer

 Jul 14-15

 Texas Floral Forum – South Shore Harbor Resort and Conference
 Center, League City, Texas

 Oct 3

 Texas Floral Showcase “West Texas Region” McKensie- Merket Alumni
 Center Lubbock, TX

  Houston Cup Information
Houston Cup Flyer

Houston Cup Rules

All entrants must be in good standing with Allied Florists of Houston. The winner of the Houston cup advances to the TSFA Texas Designer of the Year competition in 2019. The winner must maintain AFH or TSFA membership throughout all levels of competition. Previous Houston cup winners are eligible to compete provided they have not won the Texas Designer of the Year competition or the Sylvia Cup competition. All entrants must be present for the judging and for the announcement of the winner.

Limited to the first 25 entries, the deadline for AFH members is February 18th 2018. If there are available spaces after the deadline, those spaces will be open to members and non-members who are residents of the state of Texas (on a fist come first serve basis), with a deadline of March 18th, 2018. The non-refundable registration fee for AFH members is $75.00 and non-members is $150.00. Members who have not renewed their membership before February 1st, 2018 will be charged the non-member fee for the Houston cup competition. All registrations must include the official entry form, the non-refundable registration fee, a short bio and photo. Please make all checks payable to Allied Florists of Houston.

There will be a preliminary round in the Houston Cup competition. "The Interpretive design will be the preliminary round." Only the top 50% or top 10 will continue on to the next round. Interpretive designs will be a designer’s choice arrangement for the "Houston Is" Theme. Designers will create a design interpreting what they feel "Houston Is" this design will be viewed from all sides, not to exceed 30x30 with no height restrictions and at least 50% of the total composition MUST be flowers. Each entrant will provide their own prop/container for the interpretive design not to exceed $75.00 wholesale cost. A receipt must be provided for prop/container by each entrant.

Timeline for 2018 Houston Cup Competition- APRIL 10, 2018

1:30 - 2:00pm     Check in with Prop and receipt
2:00pm   Mandatory meeting at Pikes Peak of Texas. Each entrant must attend.
- Those not in attendance will be disqualified
2:15pm   Interpretive design begins
6:00pm   Announcement of the final 50% or top 10 will be made. Interpretive designs that did not make the final stage of the competition cannot be removed until the competition is over at 9:00 pm
6:30pm   Final phase will start promptly at 6:30 with two categories and times for each piece will be strictly adhered to. First category:  Centerpiece for a fundraiser to support rebuilding Houston.  - 40 minutes allowed to complete- all materials for this design will be provided by AFH.
7:10pm   5 minute break
7:25pm   Surprise Situation - 30 minutes allowed to complete - all materials for this design will be provided by AFH.
7:55pm   End of competition

Judging will be divided into 10 categories: Creativity, Scale, Unity, Line, Balance, Focal Emphasis, Depth, Color and Mechanics. The judging will be on a scale of one to ten (poor to excellent). In the event of a tie, the judges will re-evaluate the work of the tied entrants considering strictly artistic expression.

Each entrant must bring their own tools: knife, scissors, non-decorative wire, tape (floral stem wrap, water proof tape), wire cutters, needle nose pliers, picks, floral adhesive, Tak 1000 or 2000, Ulgu. A station will be provided for your hot melt glue pan or glue gun, you will need to provide your extension cord. No paints, ribbons, decorative wires or accessories of any kind may be used by the entrants. Only materials supplied by AFH may be used. Failure to comply with this rule will result in disqualification, at the discretion of the Houston Cup Chair.

1st Place: $300.00 and AFH representative to the Texas Designer of the Year Competition for 2019. The first place winner will also be compensated up to but not exceeding $100.00 entry fee in the Texas Designer of the Year competition and reimbursed up to but not exceeding $400.00 in expenses for hotel, food and travel expenses (TSFA membership is the responsibility of the designer). All receipts must be turned in for payment.

2nd Place: $200.00. In the event that the first place winner cannot represent AFH at the Texas Designer of the Year Competition, the 2nd place winner will take their place.

3rd Place: $100.00. In the event that the first and second place winners cannot represent AFH at the Texas Designer of the Year competition, the 3rd place winner will take their place.

 2018 Houston Cup Contestants

Abel Gonzales Mencio TMF
Abel Gonzales Mencio TMF
Karen Bauda Goza
Karen Bauda Goza

Hallie Morrison
Hallie Morrison
Dylan Senter
Dylan Senter

Alanna Kaiser
Alanna Kaiser
Marilyn Schuenemann
Marilyn Schuenemann

Kim O'Brien Jones
Kim O'Brien Jones
Lauren Torola
Lauren Torola

Kelly Scroggins
Kelly Scroggins
Nora Cisneros
Nora Cisneros

Melanie Hugle
Melanie Hugle
Michael McCarthy
Michael McCarthy

  It's All About the Bling
      By Alan Masters AIFD CFD

I was teaching a class the other day in South Dakota and thought I would bring to you some of the ideas that came out of that class, not just from me but from some of the students as well. With Prom right around the corner, we should all have our displays out and ready for the kids when they come in to order their personalized corsage and boutonniere sets. If we don’t have displays set up we are selling ourselves short on what we can do when it comes to sales in our shops. There are several things we can do to promote sales and even increase our average cost of prom corsages. So even if you just pick one of these tips, it can help you with your bottom line.

1) Set up a bling buffet. Cover your table with black cloth, maybe with sequins and create layers on the table. Some suggestions are cake plates, bracelet holders, glass apothecary jars etc. Let your imagination go wild. Display all of your Fitz bracelets, rhinestones, feathers etc. on the table and turn all of the lights in the room on the display. It catches their eye immediately and they can’t wait to go jewelry shopping. Which is the feeling they get when it is set up properly. Show them examples of your style but let them create their own look.

2) Participate in the schools prom fashion show. Make a corsage for each of the models and have them wear them during the show. You can give them discount or pick one of the models to win a free corsage and boutonniere set and give it away on stage. It really works to get your name out there.

3) Host a prom pizza party at your shop. Rent search lights, hire a dj, buy pizza and bring in the sales. At this one, you will want to have few fresh samples out for them to touch and feel.

4) Create a flyer with a coupon for 10% off if they purchase both corsage and boutonniere. Give the coupons to the cheerleaders or dance team. Offer a free set to the person who gets the most coupons returned to your shop. This one gets your name out and attached to the most popular kids in school.

5) The last one makes a great “feel good” public interest story for your newspaper. Host a “Pretty for Prom” event and invite the handicapable children from your high school. Gather up several wristlets that you can use, make some out of tape rolls, ribbon, etc., and make them corsages to wear to prom, at no charge. They will be so excited to get flowers for prom, the parents will be thrilled that you are doing this, you will get more out of it than any of the family members, ( just purely from the blessing that these kids are to your life) and you will get a story (free advertisement) in the local papers or news stations.

This is just five ways you can help to bolster sales during this season of prom flowers, but not only that, you are in a couple of cases giving back to your community as well. Any good will you can create will surely make this world a better place and strengthen your name in your area. I hope this helps you at least a little. If nothing else, use these ideas as prompts or jumping off points to develop your own marketing techniques and ideas. Keep bloomin’ and go out and make something beautiful today.

  AIFD South Central Spring Design Forum

This past month a few Allied Florists of Houston Members took a trip to St Louis to attend the AIFD South Central Units Spring Design Program Featuring Deborah De La Flor AIFD PFCI, Robin Smith Byrd AIFD and Mitzi Alexander AIFD with a hands on design program lead by Julia Marie Schmidt AIFD EMC and Lesleighan Craft Cravens CFD, PFCI.

Trisha Haislar
1st Place Design Competition

Ken Senter
South Central AIFD President

Wynonna Marlin & Julia Schmtt
Design Program

The weekend began with a very informative hands-on class instructed by Julia and Lesleighan which included a cool binding technique that Julia said Phil Rulloda showed her years before. I am personally going to show the technique to anyone who would like to see it because as a competition designer it’s a game changer! Thanks for the tip Julia!

Sunday was full of wonderful surprises and the side stages were packed with talent. Robin Smith Byrd and Mitzi Alexander really lit up the stage with new and innovative ways to arrange tables for weddings. The Chair design was a huge hit made by Robin Byrd, she said the entire décor could be achieved with a $150.00 flower budget….. Shhhhh, don’t tell the bride because that was one fabulous look for that floral budget.

Mitzi Alexander made some very unique chair and table decorations and her centerpiece was stellar and easily transportable. Her colors were bold and yet soft and feminine. She really did a fabulous job.

After lunch Baisch and Skinner Wholesale opened up their hard goods warehouse which was located directly across the street and attendees were treated to special prices for the weekend. They had a huge warehouse of everything you could possibly need from ribbon to Christmas to Permanent Botanicals. I wish I had more bags to stuff on my trip home. Barbara Laferney Giblin was a tremendous help and really made us all feel welcome and kept everything running smooth as the weekend went along. Thank you Barbara.

If you ever get a chance to visit Baish and Skinner you will want to check it out. It sits on a large block in St Louis that is 80% occupied by floral wholesale businesses and 60% of it is owned Baish and Skinner with a huge warehouse of hard goods, a greenhouse, a massive fresh flower department and a Education and Design studio “Linda Kay Building” and much more that I just didn’t have time to see. It was florist dream all on one street block!

Then as if that was not enough we were treated to the main stage program featuring Deborah De La Flor hailing from De La Flor Florist and Garden center in Ft Lauderdale Florida. If you haven’t caught her on stage she is a true treat to listen to and a pleasure for the eye to behold. Her floral designs were full and fun designed in props ranging from bird cages to some of the finest containers from Accent Décor. She created three table scapes. The color schemes were first made from fresh white and greens, then second bold reds and burgundy’s with a touch of orange, and finally her pastel arrangements were sweet sweeping and softly flowing with delicate greenery. All were over the top impressive and something any bride would be proud to have on her wedding day.

Garrett Supinski's
2nd Place Design

Nicola Parker AIFD
3rd Place Design

This was a very well planned weekend and I think time well spent with hundreds of ideas to take home and share. I hope that one day you can catch some of the educational opportunities that are afforded you through your membership in AFH. Not one second of your time is wasted when you are teaching yourself new trends and techniques.

I hope that you enjoy the photos and can use something from them to help you in your business and I hope that you can find time to attend one of the educational opportunities that Allied Florists of Houston offer in the upcoming year. We are working hard to bring you world class education right here in Houston and you don’t even have to travel to get there!

Nicola Parker AIFD,CFD,TMFA

  Pictures from AIFD South Central Spring Design Forum

AFH Board Nominees for 2019

It’s that time again. Nominations are being accepted and we encourage all those interested in a position to contact the Nominating Committee as soon as possible. Please consider this wonderful opportunity to assist in bringing various educational programs to the Houston area. Become a valuable leader for future florists, designers, event specialist and business owners. Come help make our voice heard through our local news media, magazines and positive advertising.

Qualifications for Office

  A.) Each officer shall be a member in good standing with Allied Florists of Houston, Inc., and maintain a satisfactory credit rating with all Allied members of the floral industry. Candidates for President shall have served for at least one year as a Board member prior to election.

  B.) Employee Director shall be a member of the Association in the General Member category.

We are excited to introduce the following nominees who will be running for office this June to serve on the Board of Directors for Allied Florists of Houston.

Alan Masters AIFD
Lewis Career & Technical High School
Houston, TX
Vice President
Alex Torres

Houston, TX

Second Vice President
Maggie Bailey
Bramble and Bee School
Tomball, TX
Past President
Nicola Parker AIFD, CFD, TMFA
Towne Flowers
Spring, TX

Retail Director (2 yr term)
Kim Jones
The Blooming Idea
The Woodlands, TX
Retail Director (2 yr term)
Lana King
Blooms from the Heart
Cypress, TX

Retail Director (2 yr term)
Briana Owens
G Johnsons Floral Images
Houston, TX
Retail Director (2 yr term)
Ace Berry
Fulshear Flowers
Fulshear, TX

Wholesale Director (2 yr term)
Rob Spikol
Greenleaf Wholesale Florist
Houston, TX
Wholesale Director (2 yr term)
Nora Cisneros
Mayesh Wholesale
Houston, TX

Employee Director (2 yr term)
Michael McCarthy
Blooming Idea
Houston, TX
Employee Director (2 yr term)
Vivianna Valverde
HEB Blooms
Houston, TX

Debbie Lyon
Kroger Floral Dept
Houston, TX
Keith Taylor
Taylor Wholesale
Houston, TX

Message from the President

Greetings to my Floral Family, 

I don’t know that I have ever really said this is writing, but I am so grateful for each and every one of you who are a part of this great group we call Allied. You are such an important part of my life and certainly of this group. You may never know how encouraging it is to see each of you at our meetings, to talk with you, listen to your stories about current events and past happenings. You bring so much joy to my life and I wanted that in writing so that each of you can know and understand your worth. Love to you all.  

We are looking forward to our end of year meeting this year. We have great plans for a fun evening. Yes, we will do our elections but there is even more in store for the night. I am hoping that you have plans to be there to be a part of the process for the new board. Keep your eyes and ears open for the announcement of place and time. Mother’s Day is here already, can you believe it? This year is going by so fast. I hope everyone is gearing up for what will hopefully be one of the biggest Mother’s days in a while. I won’t lie, I kind of get a little excited every holiday that I am in a classroom and not working the countless hours preparing and making arrangements for delivery. Prom season is upon us as well, I would love to come by each of your shops and check out your prom displays. This is one of my favorite times of the year, I love prom. It is such a great time to begin building relationships with our future customers. They will come back to you for their college formals, their weddings, baby showers etc. Take the time to establish yourself with these kids as they come in your doors and watch the difference you will make not only in their lives but also in your business as they return to you for all of their needs in future times.

Thanks again for being a part of Allied and giving us a reason to keep doing what we do to bring education to our great city. Keep bloomin’ and go out and make something beautiful today. 

Alan Masters AIFD, CFD

  Scholarship Information

Were you aware that Allied florists of Houston offers three scholarships to their membership towards educational expenses? The Scholarship applications can be found at Texas State Floral Association.



Members first consideration. If there are no AFH Member applicants then the scholarship goes to the next qualified applicant. Don't let that money slip away, we want these scholarships to benefit our members. The deadline is quickly approaching.

Become a Member of Allied Florists of Houston

To see all the benefits that membership provides go to the About Us page.

Dues can be paid online and fax your completed application to 281-360-1035 OR
Mail your check and completed application to:
Allied Florists of Houston
c/o: Taylor Wholesale
1601 W. 21st
Houston, TX 77008

Retail Membership Qualifications 
Retail shops actively engaged in the full time sale of flowers, plants, and related items and located within 100 miles of Houston qualify for this classification. 
The locations shall be clearly identified by an outside florist sign; shall have a separate sales area; a floral display refrigerator; and shall have a delivery vehicle.
At the time of application for membership, the retail shop shall have been engaged in the florist business for at least six months; have a commercial telephone listing; have a full time designer on duty at all times; and belong to at least one wire service.
~ Annual dues are $150 billed each July
~ Includes Voting Privileges
Download the Retail Membership Application.

Wholesale / Grower Membership Qualifications
Individuals, wholesalers or wholesale-grower firms who are actively engaged in the production and/or distribution of cut flowers and/or plants and/or related items and located within 100 miles of Houston qualify for this classification.
~Annual dues are $150 billed each July
~ Includes Voting Privileges
Download the Wholesale/Grower Membership Application.

Associate Membership Qualifications
Associate Members shall be firms or individuals engaged in wholesale or floral related businesses not qualifying for retail member classification.
~Annual dues are $150 billed each July
~ Includes Voting Privileges
Download the Associate Membership Application.

General Membership Qualifications
General Members shall be individuals employed within the floral industry or students or instructors of floriculture, landscape gardening, landscape architecture, or ornamental horticulture. 
~Annual dues are $50 billed each July
~ NO Voting Privileges.
Download the General Membership Application.

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